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By Bishop Strickland
Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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I encourage everyone in the Diocese of Tyler to participate in our Right the Wrong Mission.  You can find it on the website and follow the instructions to add your voice to many, many others who know that the life of every unborn child is a precious gift that must not be exploited. It is time to speak for the Sanctity of Life vigourously and make it clear to all that life is a sacred gift from Almighty God from conception to natural death. In addition to participating yourself I encourage you to share the Right the Wrong Mission with everyone you know in the Diocese of Tyler and beyond.  This is not just a Catholic issue, it is not just a Christian issue, it is an issue that touches all humanity and we must speak up.  Thank you for adding your voice and urging others to do so. May God bless the Diocese of Tyler, the State of Texas, the United States and the world; may God's children speak up for the precious lives of unborn children and demand that these lives be held sacred by the state, the scientific community and by all of society.

Bishop Strickland

Bishop Joseph E. Strickland was named the fourth bishop of Tyler in September of 2012 by Pope Benedict XVI. Prior to being named bishop, he served a number of roles in the diocese, including vicar general, judicial vicar, and pastor of the Cathedral parish. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1985.
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