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By Joseph Strickland
Saturday, July 25, 2020

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St. John Fisher was a Catholic bishop in England during the time of Henry VIII. He defended his flock against the heresies of the day and ultimatedly was martyred due to his resistance to the corruption of Henry VIII.  

We live in a time of corruption and loss of faith that in many ways echoes England in the time of Henry VIII. Too many are more concerned about being aligned with the ways of the world than living the Truth of Jesus Christ. It often occurs to me that those who have been martyred for their faith in Jesus Christ did not give up their lives in an unfocused haphazard way. They did not die for a cause that was unfocused and vague. They did not die for some nebulous idea of global unity. They did not die for some impersonal cause that had no roots in history or the basic moral teachings of Godly people. They died for JESUS CHRIST and ultimately for the same reasons that He died.  

May bishops, priests, deacons, religious and all the baptized be inspired to live for the truth of Jesus Christ and even be willing to die for that truth.  

St. John Fisher, Pray for Us!

Joseph Strickland

Bishop Joseph E. Strickland was named the fourth bishop of Tyler in September of 2012 by Pope Benedict XVI. Prior to being named bishop, he served a number of roles in the diocese, including vicar general, judicial vicar, and pastor of the Cathedral parish. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1985.
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