Wishing You All a Blessed New Year

I just wanted to take a few moments to wish you all a Blessed New Year and to promise my prayers. 
I finally got around to editing my profile.  People are still getting used to calling me bishop, as I am getting used to the title myself but at least it is a little less of a mouth full than bishop-elect!!! 
The great people at Group M7, the internet company that hosts our diocesan website, are working on a website that I can use personally.  It is still in the design phase but before too long I will be switch to that and ending my use of this blog.  Don?t worry!!!  I will offer you plenty of notice for the switch and I will be able to use the new website like a blog but with other great features also.  There will also be a link from the official website of the Diocese of Tyler, dioceseoftyler.org so in case you do miss the information on my blog you will always be able to catch up with me there.
I spoke to one of our seminarians this morning and when we were both hanging up and wishing each other a happy new year he laughed.  He explained that he was laughing because 2013 will be a VERY NEW YEAR for me and for the diocese.  His laughter was quite appropriate because each step along this new year will be a brand new experience for me as bishop of this family that I have come to love so deeply called the Diocese of Tyler.  Through the years I?ve often commented to newly weds and newly ordained priests that they have to realize how important their first year in their new vocation is.  Every experience is a first time event in their new role.  It dawned on me a couple of weeks after my ordination that I need to heed my own advice.  The coming months will bring many new experiences for me.
One of those brand new experiences has already passed.  Celebrating my first Christmas as bishop was a joyful and blessed event for me.  People have commented that I seem so comfortable in my new role and I have to say that their perception is accurate.  I know it is the Grace of God that allows me to enter into this new role so smoothly and I also appreciate the kindness and support of the people and so many who are assisting me directly with liturgies etc.  I feel everyone ?pulling for me? and that is a great comfort.  I suppose it is just another manifestation of the blessing I feel in being called to be bishop of my family!!!
Speaking of family, I?ll share a picture of my niece Megan Schnurbusch.  You can probably guess that she is Cinderella in this picture.  You can see that she is enjoying her new role also!!!  
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