Pouring the slab

It may not be easy to see but there are a lot of workers in this picture smoothing the just poured concrete for the foundation of the Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul.

Due to the efforts of many "living stones" were placed in the slab at the main entrance to the Chapel. These were stones that parishioners signed and put their favorite bible verse on or wrote a little prayer. These stones were part of the original efforts to build the Chapel and have been added to as we've progressed to this point. I find it inspiring that these "living stones" pave the way for all who will enter the Chapel in the years to come to worship God and to grow in faith. They serve as a reminder that we are all connected in the communion of saints and faithful that is the Church. We "pave the way" for each other as we all journey to fulfill God's will for us.

I had a good run this morning with a running buddy that I've managed to reconnect with recently. He and I found some new trails and had a little adventure "blazing our way" through uncharted territory. Nothing too exotic..........just some good ole East Texas woods. We laughed because we both thought that before we know it they'll build another housing development where we ran today!!!!!

These fall days are really beautiful. They make it easy to get out and exercise........see you out there!!!!!
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